Rapunzel Hair Kit

Rapunzel Rapunzel, Let down your... WOW! What Gorgeous Hair!

We have gotten the Rapunzel hair kit from Bulk Herb Store for our Cottage Girl tresses and thought we would make it a review of the product.  The formula is supposed to help support healthy hair and nail growth from the inside out.  You can't beat that!

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The recipe calls for:
Rapunzel Hair Mix
1 Tablespoon Butcher’s Broom Root Powder (optional)
1 Tablespoon Oatstraw Powder
1 Tablespoon Nettle Leaf Powder
2 Tablespoons Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth Powder
1 Kelp Powder Capsule a Day You can get capsules here and a capsule maker here 
You mix the first 4 ingredients well and place in a jar.  Then daily you make a smoothie with

*note Nettle leaf should not be taken with blood thinners.

1 frozen banana
2 cups of frozen berries
1 or 2 Tbsp of your Rapunzel mix powder (above)
2 cups coconut milk
1 tsp of Celtic Sea Salt
1 tsp of Vanilla Extract

Place ingredients in blender and mix.  Drink one a day or you can put them in Popsicle molds and freeze and eat in the summer.

With this take 1 capsule of the kelp powder daily by mouth.

Just enjoyed one of these and they are very good!  I will try to take some before and after hair pictures and maybe nail photos over the next few weeks and tell the difference that we see.  We are excited!

 Blessings ~ Rose Vine Cottage Girls

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  1. That is pretty neat! It works form the inside out for healthy hair, and it would follow that if it works for hair that it should also work for fingernails. Thanks for sharing. I would love to know how it works.


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