How To Save Money on Organic Fabric Softener

Who doesn't love to save a few dollars? I know we do, especially when you are trying to live as healthy as you can and things add up quickly.  That is when we discovered this tip to make your organic or any really fabric softener last longer.  Interested? Well here is our super easy tip on how to save money with still getting the same quality of softening to your laundry! I mean, who can beat cheap and healthy?

 2-3 Containers of Organic Fabric Softener 

Several inexpensive sponges, cut in 4 pieces.  

2 Gallons of water for every bottle of softener

Pour the contents of the softener bottles into a 5 -gallon bucket. You can buy these at your home improvement store or get them free at places like SAM's and Walmart in the bakery if you ask nicely.

Then fill your empty fabric softener bottles with water and pour into the bucket with the softener. For every bottle of softener, you add 2 bottles full of water.

Now take the package of sponges (mine had three in the package) and cut into 4 pieces with a pair of scissors. Throw your sponges into the bucket and leave to absorb the mixture.

When you are ready to put your load of clothes in the dryer, open your bucket, reach in and grab a single sponge, wring out the sponge and throw in just like you would a dryer sheet.

They work wonderfully and lasts a long, long time. Like over a year for a family of 6


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