How To Make Chicken Scratch

No, I am not talking about my poor penmanship, nor am I looking at yours, relax. What I am talking about is a tasty treat (if that is, you are a chicken!) This is a pretty easy mix of grains that really make your birds happy. My chickens love this. They will stand at the fence watching while we make it. Even my turkeys love it and try to climb the fence to get a sample. Good thing the fence is tall or I might lose a finger. You give scratch to them in the winter time to help the flock to stay warm. It is like poultry candy

1- 50 lb bag of Oats
1- 50 lb bag of Wheat
1- 50 lb bag of Non- GMO Corn (optional)
1- 50lb bag of Millet
1 -5 lb bag of Crushed Oyster Shell

Mix well (We use the trailer to the lawn mower but you can use a wheelbarrowand serve to the chickens.

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  1. Love this and I'm sure our chickens would, too. I especially like that last picture. Nature's colors are my favorite pallet.

    1. Thank you Mama Melly! That means so much to me. Have a blessed day.


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