A Nation With The Soul Of The Church

G.K. Chesterson (An English writer) While talking about the United States, said it is, "A nation with the soul of the church." 
But is America still a nation with the soul of the church?

I would have to say on first glance no... But, if I look more closely... parts of it still do have the soul of the church.

There are still those people who give America the soul of the church. There is the police officer who bought the homeless man shoes. The people who volunteered after hurricane Sandy, those that think nothing of themselves and when there is a tornado or flood they get out there with nothing more than cold sandwiches or their own strength to help those hurting dig out, rebuild or provide a shoulder to cry on... and so many others. A family near and dear to me, their family who gave up everything and moved to Sierra Leone, Africa to labor in the heat and heartache to build homes for the orphans to love on the people of Africa and show Christ's love and find they are "home".

It is found in the elderly neighbor next door who walks up and down the street with a trash bag  picking up trash (that someone was too lazy to walk to a trash can and throw away). It is the man on the street that mows the widows yard and the people that bring a meal when times are tough. There is my dad who stopped a changed a waitresses tire so she could get to work on time and not lose her job. There is my mom who loves the broken people that are brought into her life. Even when she knows they can break her heart, like as so many others have done.
The Yes's don't always outweigh the noes... But they are the HOPE that our nation has not lost the Soul of the church because that soul is the soul of Christ.  Let us labor on then, not only looking for the hope but being the hope to a hurting world.  Let me challenge you this week.  Be the hands and feet of Jesus this week.  Reach out and do something (even something really small) for someone this week. 

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