The Cottage

Welcome to the Cottage!

It is so nice to have you here with us. Join us for this Cottage home tour so you can see where the magic happens.

Here is where we welcome our family and friends to all of our events, parties and teas. It is the first thing you notice when you approach the cottage so we try to really make it represent the Cottage and all that we represent here.

The foyer is full of our favorite things.  Our faith our
family and books.

We want this part of the house to welcome all who enter and we want them to feel at home.

It is important to us that the house feel like home and that those who come feel His peace here. It has been a place of healing and hope for many and we really love that.

Cross: Gift from a friend
Sign In our Home and Love: Hobby Lobby
Sign: Living the Cottage Life: Burke
Oar: Burke
Rosevine Sign: Hand Made
Drink Dispenser: Antique Store
Basket on Shelf: Hobby Lobby
Books: Mile Long Yard Sale
Shells: Mexico
Table: Auction
Garland: Hobby Lobby
Sign: Home Made
Book Shelf: Furniture Store in CA.
Basket Purse: Yard Sale
Hydrangeas: Cottage Garden
Basket on shelf: Ross Dress for Less
Lantern: Hobby Lobby
White Photo Frame: Burkes

Living Room 

The living room is where we gather. It is where we have Rosevine meetings and play games. It is where we watch old movies and ust enjoy one another. We keep it comfortable. White paint and couches are warmed up by dark wood and frames. The frames hold family military photos over our old toy box now transformed into a table. The old armoir a gift from a dear friend. Dried hydrangea flowers fill an old bike basket and keep summer close as the seasons change.

Crate: Mr. Cottage
Antique Rocker: Estate Sale
Chandelier: Lowes
Couches: Ikea Ektorp Couch and loveseat.
Box on Coffee Table: Ross Dress For Less
Candle Holder in box: Kirkland's
Throw Pillows: Green and Ruffled Ross Dress for Less
Furry throw pillows: Burkes
Cottage Throw Pillow: our shop
Silver Tea Set: Estate Sale
Antique Frame on Mantle: Estate Sale
Cotton Wreath: Hobby Lobby
Cotton Garland: Hobby Lobby
Pumpkins: Ross
Candle Holders on Mantle: Bought from a friend
Slipper Chairs: Ross Dress for Less
Garland: Hobby Lobby
Basket: Walmart
Hydrangea: The Cottage Garden
Pillows, hand made
Photographs: Family Heirlooms
Trunk: Estate Sale
Milk Churn: Family Heirloom
Cotton Stems: Hobby Lobby
Chicken: Hobby Lobby
Drink dispenser: Ross Dress for Less
Vintage Camera: Estate Sale in Germany
Armoire: Yard Sale

Chalk Board: Home Goods
Spice Chest: Ross Dress for Less
Metal Bucket: Target
Hydrangeas : The Cottage Garden
Lamp: Yard Sale
Cottage Sign: Home Made
Curtains: Ross Dress For Less

Dining Room

The dining room is an ever changing place that changes with the seasons and holidays. We have a lot of fun with this room. I have collected dishes since I was in Jr high so this has really come in handy with the birth of the Rosevine Cottage. We have used them to make the meals look extra special, sometimes combining them to make interesting looks.

Table - Yard Sale
Chairs- Estate Sale
Dishes: Pottery Barn
Cotton Garland: Hobby Lobby
Silver Chargers: Estate Sales
Regular Chargers: Hobby Lobby
Crock: Burkes
Table Cloth: Estate Sale
Light: Lowes
Large Mirror: Yard Sale

Antique Sale 500 mile Yard Sale
Mirrored Trees: Big Lot
White Trees: Handmade
Stainless Steel Tiered Tray: Sam's Club
Wooden Trays: Decor Steals
Bird Planter: Hobby Lobby
Ticking Stockings: Handmade
Lace Piece: Estate Sale
Antique Christian Books: Estate Sale
Creamer Pots: Big Lots

Green bedroom

Warm wood tones and crisp white ruffled bedding make this room so charming. Glass knobbed antiques and tarnished silver coffee pots take you back to days gone by. We sure love this room!

Bedding - Simply Shabby Chic Target
Silver Coffee Set - Estate Sale
Antique Dresser w/ mirror - Flea Market
Egg Wreath - Ross
Roses - Hobby Lobby
Bed - Store no longer in business
Candle Holder - Kirkland's
Paint - No VOC semi gloss from Lowes Crocodile Tears
Trim - High gloss white no VOC paint Lowes

Sleeping Beauty Room

Although the girls wanted Cimmerrrera (Cinderella) wallpaper, mom and I went for Sleeping Beauty for the soft blues and yellows in this wallpaper. We pared it with crisp white bedding and dreamy mosquito netting and chippy white wicker to make this little girls room just right.

Bed's: Flea Market Finds
Small round table and chairs: Antique store in Old Hickory
Wallpaper: Sleeping Beauty theme 
Bedding: Target Simply Shabby Chic line
Vanity: Gift from a friend
Baptism Picture: Old Time Pottery
Apron Strings wall hanging: Rosevine Cottage Girls
Hats: Target

Dove Room

Another fun room. We really loved working on this room. A soft purple room with white bedding and mosquito netting covering the beds like mist in the early mornings here at the cottage. We took some corkscrew willow branches and affixed doves to them for a soft and beautiful look. They are sprayed with an adhesive and lightly glittered to capture the sparkle in the overhead spotlights.

 Antique Frame - Flea Market
Egg Wreath - Ross
Bedding - Target Simply Shabby Chic
Throw Pillows - Ross
Mosquito Netting - Pier 1 Imports
Ceramic Frames - Yard Sale
Willow branch - painted white and glitter added
Dove - Hobby Lobby
Vintage Dress - Gift
Tiffany Lamp - Shop in California
Wings - made them directions here

Adventure Room 

The adventure room was so much fun to create. It is Indiana Jones for little boys but is not cheesy or cartoony. It is filled with warmth and fun at every turn.

Curtain Rod: Ross Dress For Less
Frames: Ross Dress For Less
Chair: Yard Sale
Map: Gift
Vintage Camera: Yard Sale
Globe: Yard Sale
Bed - Yard Sale
Canopy - Canvas from Lowes
Curtain - Ross Dress For Less
Armoire - California Estate Sale
Bedding - Home Made
Small Green Table - Auction
Frames: Ross Dress For Less
Key: Ross Dress for Less
Vintage Suitcases: Gift
Lantern Lights: Lowes

Fairy Tale Room

This room is lots of fun and a nod to lots of fairytales. From Cinderella and Elsa, the Swan Princess, and even Robin Hood, The Little Mermaid, some Narnia and a little non fairytale Nancy Drew. So much fun! 

A crisp white bed from a 2nd hand shop that just is so beautiful. Crisp white ruffly linens add that special touch. Furry arm pillows allow for a perfect place to curl up with a good book or to get some writing done in a cozy place.  Even the dog agrees! She is comfy and cozy curled up at the end of the bed.  

A beautiful mask collection hangs from a willow branch over the bed. 
Beauty & The Beast's rose beneath the glass and Cinderella's dress make this the perfect space to dream of all a girl can dream. 

Original Kitchen 1

The kitchen is the heart of the home. No matter how you decorate the rest of the house the kitchen seems to be where people gather.  Where people talk and visit and laughter rings out.
Our original kitchen was so small for what we needed. Mr. Cottage added these cabinets to hold our dishes but still the counter space was just too small for all of our canning, cooking, drying, preserving, baking, etc. We added this small island and we kept our baking ingredients and bowls in it but it just seemed we were elbow to elbow all the time when we were in the kitchen.

Cabinets - Lowes
Round Table - Pier 1
Pumpkin Soup Tureen - Mall
Large White Bowls - Big Lots

Kitchen Remodel


When we decided to redo the kitchen we took all of that in mind. We changed the placement of the appliances to make them more convenient and a lot more cabinet space. We opted for a huge island that is removable if need be but it adds tons of space for all of our projects that are constantly going on. The space in front of the window is now a huge window seat with cabinets below and above the window and in the corner is a coffee station for our mugs, coffee stuff and tea stuff. It has been wonderful. We are still working on the kitchen and need to finish with things like drawer pulls, door knobs and the window seat cushion but we are really happy how it is turning out!


The deck is a well used space. We love to cook out and sit out here and visit, listen to music and eat our meals. It just is a beautiful place to enjoy the beauty of the Cottage gardens.

Deck Furniture - Sam's Club
Umbrella - Kirkland
Flower Pot - Sam's Club
Flower Boxes - Lowes
Gazebo - Kirkland


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