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The Cottage

Living Room 1

Pictures - Old Time Pottery
Armoire - CA Furniture Store
Couch- Estate Sale

Living Room 2

Couch - Finders Keepers
Tables - Pottery Barn
Frame - Hobby Lobby
Sign - Hobby Lobby
Black Chairs - Ross
Other Black Chair - Ross
Pumpkins and decorations - Hobby Lobby

Living Room 3

Couch and Love Seat - Ikea
Table - Yard Sale
Frames - Ross
Starfish Garland - Big Lot
1/2 Gallon Mason Jar - Walmart
Flowers- Sam's Club
Throw Pillows - Ross
Crate - Mr. Cottage
Tables - Pottery Barn
Chairs - Yard Sale
Candle Holder - Kirkland's


Curtains - JC Penny
Wicker - Pier 1
Flowers - Big Lot
White Tea and Coffee Set - Big Lot
Lamp - Big Lot
Pictures - Old Time Pottery
Rocking Horses - gift
Chandelier - Lowes

Dining Room 1

Table - Yard Sale
Ship - Hobby Lobby
Ship Knot Picture - Hobby Lobby

Dining Room 2

Table : California Stores
Cabinets Lowes
Shell Bowl - Big Lots
Starfish - Hobby Lobby
Large Bowl - Goodwill
Tri folding screen - Pier 1
Paint - Lowes No VOC paint
Curtain - Ross
Hurricane Candle - Ross
Shells- Mexico
Picture - Old Time Pottery

Master Bedroom

No VOC paint Semi Gloss Lowes
Bedding - Simply Shabby Chic Target
Lamp - Yard sale - made it with roses here
Wind Chime- Newport Beach CA Shop
Willow Tree - Lifeway Christian

Green bedroom

Bedding - Shabby Chic Target
Silver Coffee Set - Estate Sale
Antique Dresser w/ mirror - Flea Market
Egg Wreath - Ross
Roses - Hobby Lobby
Bed - Store no longer in business
Candle Holder - Kirklands
Paint - No VOC semi gloss from Lowes Crocodile Tears
Trim - High gloss white no VOC paint Lowes

Sleeping Beauty Girls Room

Queen Bed - Ashley Furniture
Bedding -Target
Lamp - Vintage shop
Always Kiss Me Goodnight Sign - Hobby Lobby
Chandlier - Lowes
Dove Nursery

Antique Frame - Flea Market
Egg Wreath - Ross
Bedding - Target Simply Shabby Chic
Throw Pillows - Ross
Mosquito Netting - Pier 1 Imports
Ceramic Frames - Yard Sale
Willow branch - painted white and glitter added
Dove - Hobby Lobby
Crib - Gift
Vintage Dress - Gift
Tiffany Lamp - Shop in California
Wings - made them directions here

Cabbage Rose Room

Bed - 2nd hand shop
Bedding - Target
Lamp - Vintage
Round Table - Target
Pictures - Old Time Pottery
Throw Pillows - Target
Hat - Walmart
Curtains - JC Pennies

Adventure Room (Boys Room)

Bed - Yard Sale
Canopy - Canvas from Lowes
Curtain - Ross
Armoire - California Yard Sale
Bedding - Home Made
Small Green Table - Auction


Cabinets - Lowes
Round Table - Pier 1
Pumpkin Soup Tureen - Mall
Large White Bowls - Big Lots


Deck Furniture - Sam's Club
Umbrella - Kirkland
Flower Pot - Sam's Club
Flower Boxes - Lowes
Gazebo - Kirkland
Nursery : Coming Soon
Front Porch Coming Soon


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