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Welcome to the cottage! 

The Rosevine Cottage Girls are mother/daughters writing team on our online magazine.  We cover faith, family, lifestyle, travel, home, reviews, organic gardening, DIY, and even some small farming tips. At this time we have 95-100k page views a month. 

Our Social Media is Growing fast but this is where we are now.

  • Facebook: 5063 Followers    
  • Twitter:  8270 Followers 
  • Pinterest: 1163 Followers 
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  • RSS: 3983

Here are some of the amazing brands we have collaborated with! Maybe you can be one too! 

Influenster, Lifeboat Coffee Company, Not Your Mother's, Peter Pan, Kiss, Ice Nail Polish, Tennessee Central Railway, Blue Lizard Sunscreen, Hydro Feet, CVS, Intellident, Tyndale House Publishing Company, Bzz Agent, L'Oreal, Tomoson

We are excited about our blog and passionate about our readers. Here are some ways that we could be of service to you.

  • Guest Posts - We love to write and we love to guest write in topics that would fit our genre and beliefs. So, if you need a guest writer, send us a note.
  • Sponsored Posts - If you are a brand or a PR company and you think your product dovetails with our audience, we can write sponsored posts for you. 
  • Advertising space - We have advertising space within our blog that can be rented out to your company on the sidebar or in banners.  We have a great audience that is very loyal and it would be a great opportunity for us and for you.  Also, if you would like us to be an ambassador for your brand or product, let us know.  We would be pleased to represent brands that fit our "Rosevine Cottage Girls" brand. Contact us here for information. 
  • Reviews - If you would like your book or product that fits within our "Rosevine Cottage Girls" brand then contact us here.

* We reserve the right to refuse advertisement or terminate partnership when product or service falls outside of our brand's best interest or the scope of our audience's interest.   

** Openings are limited as we are a small organization.

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