About Us

Hello! We are the Rosevine Cottage Girls, Cheyenne, Brianna, and Tracy. Welcome to our page!
We're a Christian mother / daughters team originally from California but transplanted to middle Tennessee. 

We had friends tell us that we needed to share with people about how we lived and what we did. I think we all looked at each other and laughed each thinking, "who would care?". One day in January 2013 we decided why not try something crazy? And just like that, 'Rosevine Cottage Girls' was born! Now here we are years later, and we have not looked back. Today we are an inseparable team that loves what we do! Whether it's spending time working on a post and sipping tea or coffee, putting in team work on a DIY project or traveling down back roads looking for an adventure.

It has been quite a journey, but we have walked hand in hand with our readers that have become precious family to us. We have shared our faith, and our fears, our joys, and our trials. We have sat and shared a cup of coffee and a bible verse. Or a new yummy recipe. We have tackled DIY projects together and crafts. We have shared our love of animals, gardening, books, life on a mini farm and travel. We have lived life together and there is no place we would rather be. 

If you are a new friend to our page welcome, we are so glad you are here! We hope this is a place of encouragement and joy for you. If you are an old friend, welcome back! Thank you for stopping by! You all make our day, we love getting to know you. Thank you new and old friends for taking the time to read what we have to say on our tiny little corner of the internet.

If you would like to connect further you can find us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Bloglovin, Tumblr or email us.

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  1. Love you all!!! You're awesome!!!

  2. Thank you ladies, for your story... Melissa Diamond on Facebook..


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