Tattler Re-Usable Canning Lids Review

It's that time of year again. Our kitchen is packed with laundry baskets of fruits and vegetables waiting to be processed into goodness to be enjoyed for the rest of the year. Some of my earliest memories are standing in the kitchen on a tall stool up to my elbows- well at that age it was probably my armpits in tomatoes or whatever else found its way into the kitchen "lineup".

One year while we were canning apples my sister slipped and sat into the big stock pot  of apples in water, waiting to be canned in her 'Winnie the Pooh' PJ's. I guess she thought it was a stool. We still laugh about it.

No summer is complete with out burns from splashing yourself with hot water, removing jars from the oven or pulling lids from the water that is supposed to be warm but while you weren't paying attention poured the hot water from the canner in with the lids because there was too much in the canner, sore feet from hours- ok weekends on your feet, canning T-Shirts, dyed finger nails from peeling tomatoes, hours of joking and laughing as we drop the ladle into the tomatoes for the third time in a row, singing along to whatever happens to be on the radio and laughing at just how off-key we are and dreaming about our "perfect" kitchen. The one with a massive farm sink, two stoves, lots of counter space, big refrigerator, shelves to store the boxes and baskets of produce... ok you get the picture.

With all the canning we do here at the Cottage to say we go through a lot of lids is an understatement. A big one. And although we do have fun coming up with things to do with the lids like tags for plants... ok another post! Anyway, a few years ago we found this great company called Tattler. Their company  makes reusable lids!  These lids are so great and really cut down on how much money we spend canning each year. After all, you can reuse jars why not the lids?  These lids are awesome! Seriously, we love them!

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