Lucky In Love

Well, I finally did it, I shot a wedding. No, I'm not talking about a shotgun wedding but with my camera I shot my very first wedding! 

I know I promised to share some of the photos with you and without delay, here they are.

The venue was Fly Creek Farms and I did a post about it here.

It was a lovely old chippy painted Shabby Chic dream.  I spent over an hour just shooting the place before the bride arrived.  The children gravitated to the swing that graced an old tree in the front yard and the breeze blew through the windows and sent cool breezes through the house.

There were large vases and buckets throughout the house filled with wildflowers picked on the property.

The cake was a wonderful homemade carrot cake on a lace covered table and a pitcher of more flowers.

Miss matched plates to serve slices of cake.

Old wagon wheels make this homemade drink station just the right thing for this occasion.  Refreshments anyone?

His and hers iced tea. 

Waiting for the wedding to start.

Flower girl making her way down the isle.

 Father of the bride walking his "little" girl down the isle.

Oh no, not kissing!  One of my favorite photos of the groom's son's reaction to the first kiss.  I love this!

I love how this shot came out! So cute.


  1. Those photos are beautiful and that's REALLY exciting! Congrats on shooting a wedding. That photo of the boy on the swing is stunning. I am itching to put a motivational saying on it and throw it up on pinterest for the world to adore!

    way to go!

  2. What a gorgeous wedding - and you did a beautiful job!


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