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I Left My Heart At Huntington Beach | California Trip Day 6 (Part 3)

 Welcome to Huntington California. This is where Mrs. Cottage grew up. Beautiful huh? Ruby's Diner sits at the end of the Huntington Beach Pier, it boasts 360 degree views of the ocean if lucky one can even see dolphins playing off the shore! Next time we will definitely be stopping here!

I think this is my favorite place we have been yet! I love the sand.. the sound of the waves... the water lapping at my feet... the salty breeze in my hair... the sunshine! It's like a little bit of heaven. As soon as our feet hit the sand, we were home. I guess Mr. Cottage has a group of mermaids on his hands.

During World War 2 Huntington Beach was used as a submarine lookout post, a heavy caliber machine gun was positioned at the end of the pier until the end of the war. Hunting Beach also has a one-mile long dog beach, the only one in Orange County. 

Many different kinds of fish can be caught off of Huntington Beach's 1,856-foot long pier including Croaker, Herring, Halibut. The US surf team adopted Huntington Beach as its official hometown in 2005. Huntington Beach also has a sister city, Anjo Japan.

If you happen to find yourselves in Huntington Beach you absolutely have to try Mario's! It's delicious! We went with a dear friend of Mrs. Cottage and here boyfriend for dinner after spending the afternoon at the beach.

I was so sad to leave the beach! Tonight we went back to my Aunt Debbie's and Uncle Doug's house. "Gem" (the Garmin) and "1 of 2" (Mr. Cottage's cellphone) we're as good as ever at getting us lost. Yes, we've given them names. :) 

Keep up with our adventures!  Day 6 (Part 2)


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