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Shabby Chic Side Table

We bought this little table from our friend's auction when they were moving to Sierra Leone, Africa to become missionaries.  I liked the lines of the table but it was black and the room is a little dark so I decided to work on it a bit.

I found Mrs. Cottage's CeCe Caldwell Chalk paint in white and decided to use it.  I like CeCe Caldwell because it is easy to use, easy to clean up and is non-toxic.  I also love it because the paint names are after places here in America and that just makes me smile for some reason.  :)

I took the table and put plastic under it and began the first coat of CeCe's paint in a white.  It goes on sort of thin so I knew that I would need a couple of coats.  I was not wanting a solid white, though.  I was looking for a shabby French looking table.

From there I just let it dry and went into the kitchen to put on a loaf of bread.  Have to keep busy!

Then I did a second coat of paint.  After that coat dried I sanded it a bit to give it some age.


Beach Bedroom

We used a non VOC paint for the walls that we got at Lowes. Sorry I can't remember what it is called. Mr Cottage bought the bed linens at Target for a gift for Mrs. Cottage last year. It is in their Shabby Chic collection. The four-poster bed they got when a furniture store was going out of business.  The sign hanging over the bed reads "Be a joyful mother of children". We got it at Ross.
The mirror we got at the Mile Long Yard Sale for a $1 (Who can beat that?). The branch is a willow branch I re-purposed from the tree trimming last year. I used fishing line to hang the starfish (I need to make a trip up to the attic to find more. Mrs. Cottage usually hangs them on  her beach cottage Christmas tree.) The bassinet was a gift to Mrs. Cottage from Mr. Cottage.  Another shot of the mirror. Starfish. This is on the wall behind the bassinet. The plaque we got from LifeWay. The two girls we got from Cracker Barrel a few years ago. (I don't know if you can see but one has …

How To Build A Chicken Feeder With Mr. Cottage

Building a PVC chicken feeder was quite easy.  Depending on what size you want to make  you need the following.

Shopping List: 
1 PVC Pipe 1 PVC "Y" Connector 2 couplers This has threads on one side. 2 Caps PVC glue Hack saw. 
Now you need to know the height of your run or how tall you want it in your barn or coup.
Our run is about 4' tall and we have it there in the run so that you do not have to open it to feed the girls. In hind sight I wish I would have put it in the coup because the rain gets into the part with the food.  Next time I will do this instead. I would make it at a comfortable height for you to pour the grain in it.

I made several so I used full length tubes, but they also come in 4' sections.  So take your hack saw and cut the pipe.  Put glue on the outside of the pipe and inside the smooth side of your coupler.

Insert the tube inside the coupler.  This is now the top used to pour in the chicken feed.   Screw on the cap to keep out the rain from the…

Harvest at the Cottage

Hello there! Welcome to our cottage.  We just love to decorate and the change of seasons gives us an excuse to do it.  Now that the days are chilly it really is time to pull out the bins of decorations from the attic and get the cozy feel of fall in this cottage of ours.  We found this great mirror at a yard sale but the finish was not looking very good.  I took some Annie Sloan's Chalk paint to it and this is what I got.  

Then out of the attic box, I took two garlands of pumpkins and two leaf garlands and one of bitter sweet and we braided them together with some white Christmas lights.  

In the center, I made a little arrangement with some fabric mums and sunflowers.  I even put in some of our turkey's feathers.

On the coffee table, I took a simple vase and put in some red sunflowers that Mr. Cottage bought us fresh from the grocery store.  We put it in a glass vase but put the vase in a burlap sack from the Bakers Creek Store that we got from a great giveaway from Deep Roo…

Lights, Camera... Action? - A Man Called Peter Movie Review

Hello! Brianna here again with the DVD in hand to bring you the my next amazing movie. This is one movie that if you have never seen it, you are missing out. A Man Called Peter, made in 1955. Its based on a true story written by Catherine Marshall (Peter's wife) in 1951. (Click on the photo of the book below for a link to the book)

This is an amazing movie and one of our family favorites. It is about a young Scotsman with not only a dream but a calling. He leaves his native lands, says goodbye to family and friend alike to embark on the future that God called him to. It is not an easy road, but it is a road that changes not only him but his new country and for the better. We need more men like Peter Marshall today. Please join me. Turn down the lights, grab your drink and buttered popcorn and let the movie roll. I hope you like it.

Here is a link to the movie (click on the photo)

Starring: Richard Todd as Peter Marshall, Jean Peters as Catherine Marshall, Marjorie Rambeau as Miss Lau…

Lights Camera... Action? | The Adventures Of Robin Hood Movie Review

A Look At Entertainment From The Daughter Of A Hollywood Actress. 
Hollywood has not had a reputation for promoting morality in a long time. Movies, video games, and TV shows, even shows that are for the family are filled with sex, violence, and swearing and it is harder and harder to find good quality entertainment. It is easy to dismiss and make excuses to ourselves... after all, it is "Just" a movie, or just a video game, etc. But guys, God really does care about what we see and hear. And that is what made me think to do this blog post. First, I want to talk about what the bible says about the things that we watch and then, let's talk about some great movies, TV shows, etc that we love to watch.

First, what God says...

He says that;

"The eye is the light of the body; so then if your eye is clear, your whole body will be full of light. But if your eye is bad, your whole body will be full of darkness."
Mathew 6:22-23
In other words, Jesus is saying that you are w…

I See You...

Three simple words none of them exceeding three letters but they mean so much. I see you. No I don't mean as in "Peek-a-boo-I-see-you" I mean "I see you", I see your worth, your meaning, your tears, and struggles. I see you for you, and I care.

Sometimes I get caught up in my own crazy life and I forget to look around and tell the people that are hurting because they feel alone or they just had a fight with their mom or someone they had grown up with hurt them. Or they just need someone to talk or pray with late at night -when I am exhausted and just want to crawl into bed and sleep- that I see them, I hear them. I feel their pain, and so does He.

Recently I picked up a new devotional You Were Made To Make A Difference (By the way really great devotional) this morning the chapter was talking about seeing with His eyes. Even when things are prettier when you don't notice the ugliness that surrounds us, even when it's easier to ignore. To close your eyes…

Adventure Room

 Well, here it is at last.  We have announced on our FB page that we have joined a ministry that helps women that are pregnant and their children.  Sometimes this ministry helps older children too and this was the case here.  We were notified about a little boy and they asked everyone to pray for him and mom and the entire situation.  We prayed about it and this little one was on our heart so we contacted the ministry and said that if things went through with this little boy (let's call him Gabriel) we would be interested in helping him.  We don't know if we will be chosen but we are off to prepare.  So off we went to brainstorm on a room design for a little boy of 6 that would make him feel special and make every night special.  We thought about an "Adventure" themed room, sort of like Indiana Jones looking but not cartoonish... like a real adventure.   Like you are out in the field, under the stars and searching for treasure.   We found a globe at a yard sale and w…