A Walk On The Wild Side...

This weekend was a special treat for our family.  It was Veteran's Day at the zoo.  It is a day where this zoo lets active duty military and veterans and their whole family in for free and we traveled there to enjoy the day as a family.  There were dads, moms, and children of all ages.  There were grandmas and grandpas with walkers, canes, and wheelchairs. There was such excitement to see the creatures big and small.  It was the most crowded I have ever seen it, but it was fun none the less.
I am sick, but still I enjoyed the day at the zoo as I always do.  I loved the elephants the most.  They remind me of my friends away in Africa, they remind me of everything that they gave up to go there and serve and how much that I miss them.

This cat was sleeping peacefully. I am can't remember what it is called... I think it is the Lynx. Pretty, but glad it is at a safe distance and asleep.

This is a caiman and I thought that the eye looked like a marble.  Isn't it pretty?  I think the detail of the skin is amazing in the photograph.  It just sat just skimming the surface of the water and stared at me while I took the picture.  I would not want to run into this in the wild at all.  Reminds me of my sister watching the "River Monster" tv show.  I think I shall never again go in a river just in case!  :)

Here is a close up of the toothy smile.  Say cheese!  That is an American thing I think.  For those of you not in the U.S., it is something your mother says when she is taking your picture to get you to smile I think that the idea is that when you say the "ee" part you smile and then mom gets a good picture.

No matter what, I would not want to get this close to this guy, how about you?  He looks pretty serious, even though he is smiling!

Here is one last look at the caiman.  I just had to do this one. Look at those eyes and those big teeth.

These flamingo were so pretty.  Mrs. Cottage said that when we were little she took us to Sea World for our first and second birthday and that the flamingo were our favorite things and we cried when we had to leave them.  Ha ha... well I didn't cry this time, but I do appreciate their amazing beauty.

Here are some more flamingos.  Mrs. Cottage said these ones look like the number 18.  Will have to make a birthday card for someone who is 18.  If I knew someone that was turning 18!  Well, maybe some day I will know someone.  :)

This next lady below is a gibbon.  It was climbing and swinging on all of the trees.  Her baby was up at the top of the trees about 70' up in the air.  I couldn't get a good picture of the baby.  But she wanted her picture taken, or at least it seemed that way to me.



These are pictures of a snow owl and an alpaca.

Those are interesting teeth on the alpaca.  Makes me thankful for good dental care as a human.


This next picture needs no explaination.  I thought he was quite nice to let me snap his photo while he had his lunch. 


Lovely of this guy (above) to let me snap a photo of him while he ate his lunch.

Next we have some kangaroo that they said will come up and let you touch them but we came at nap time so they were not in a cuddly mood (sadly) as I would have so loved to hold or touch one. :)  This reminded me of our friends in Australia and made us smile. **hello friends**

These guys well, I am not sure what you
 call them but they are a beautiful color.  I just had to get their pictures.  See how they pose for the camera.  Divas all the way.  Just kidding, I have no clue but they didn't bite me while I looked at them so we are all good. 

Another meerkat!

These are some storks.  So, if you see one on your roof with a package...
You will be able to spot them.

This is the best photo I could manage of this white tiger.  He was way at the back but he was beautiful.  :)

Same with this one.  It was at the top of the
cliff on the rocks sleeping.  Shhhhh, don't wake it. It gets grumpy when you wake it.

I think this bird is a cassowary.  It has a funny horn like thing on the head and beautiful coloring.  I liked the way it looked.  I call it a noggin' knocker lol.

Mrs. Cottage loves this tree.  Isn't it pretty?  What do you think would live here?

The day was beautiful and in the sixties.  The leaves were all shades of beautiful, and we couldn't get enough of the beauty!

This little guy was so adorable.  It looked like it belonged at the cottage and needed to come home with me.

This was just amazing and was my favorite part of the day.  I just love these guys.  So amazing, so powerful!

It was swinging his trunk back and forth, like it was waving.  The light was beautiful and soft and the breeze was blowing.  Such a beautiful animal and a great day!

This guy looks ready for a nice nap.  I am ready for one too!
Until our next adventure... good night all!


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