Summer Decorating

Butterfly Picture (Yard sale 1.00 Original tag on back $100.00)
Decorating has to be one of my favorite things to do. So with summer in full swing I decided to re-decorate the living room,  Ok, Ok so I re-doctored the front entry-way the living-room and currently working on the front porch and dining room. Oh and the back porch. (hey, at least, I didn't move all the furniture around... just most of it) So I thought I would share what I did in the living room. 

This was on the wall but we took it down when I was changing things up and unwittingly placed it here and then I liked it so I left it. We bought it about two years ago at Hobby Lobby (Love that place!)on clearance. Sorry, can't remember what we paid for it.

On the left side of the mantle: The wreath I made this Spring out of our grape vines. Then wrapped Burlap ribbon (found at Wal-mart or as we call it Wally-world) around it. Added a yellow flower (Hobby Lobby) and blown eggs (compliments of the lovely ladies in the backyard.) Apothecary jar (Ross) filled with blown eggs (quail and chickens also compliments of the ladies out back and one broken Robins egg found by my wonderful sister who knew I would have the perfect use for it).

On the right side of the mantel: Metal Bowl/Basket (auction) Apothecary jar filled with yellow flowers (Hobby Lobby) and feathers (Found them in the yard) Birds nest (Found while cutting the hedge) filled with my blown Quail eggs. 
And that's it! What do you think? 


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